Hello, we’re Catching Clicks.

As our name suggests, we are obsessed with catching clicks, website clicks that is.

About Catching Clicks

Founded in 2010, Catching Clicks has worked with multiple companies in a wide range of industries including – Technology, shipping, e-Commerce, interior designing, manufacturing, sports, healthcare, gaming etc. We have since expanded and are now based in Singapore and Korea.

At our core, Catching Clicks is not only a digital marketing agency, nor are we just web developers and web designers, instead, we pride ourselves as creative online marketing experts that are focused on leveraging and harnessing the power of the internet to maximize client projects / campaign results and optimize their overall business success. 

With teams and partners situated in Singapore, USA, South Korea, Philippines and India, we are able to leverage on local domain knowledge, diverse management expertise, unique skillsets and cost benefits that come with international economics for all our projects.

Most importantly, all these benefits are directly transferred to our business clients as effective and efficient projects, enjoyable service and great value for money. 

The Catching Clicks Commitment

The Catching Clicks’ commitment to all our clients is always to strive to overdeliver with a customer driven approach. We focus on total customer satisfaction by ensuring that our customers always receive on-time project delivery, open and effective communication, visible and traceable results and the opportunity to explore possible business avenues or horizons with our innovative technologies and services.

Basically we understand that a satisfied customer equals a long and successful business relationship and we always strive to achieve that!

Our success is measured by our clients’ success

Our happy and satisfied clients

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